AE86 Super Angle kit

This kit will unlock all of the angle you could get out of you AE86, the easiest kit to adjust currently on the market.

From 2,152 $ CAD


So to answer your question, we developed this kit over several years on our own personal car, and the kit is truly the best you can get for the AE86. The geometry in the knuckle was tuned to reduce as much steering load as possible to make it drivable without power steering. The lca can be adjusted directly on the car without having to remove anything.

One unique design feature is the CNC machined aluminum knuckle that acts as the knuckle and the roll center spacer all in one! This reduces parts and simplifies the design and it allowed us to relocate the lower ball joint point in a location that wouldn’t be possible if the roll center spacer was separate. The knuckle also has ackerman adjustability and is very easy to do! You don’t even need to remove the wheel.

And the angle, there’s more than you’ll ever need and you can adjust the max angle with the adjustable bump stops that are integrated into the knuckle. To achieve the maximum amount of angle in the kit, the steering rack must be relocated as far forwards as possible.  If the steering rack isn’t relocated, you can simply add more bump stop washers to limit angle and prevent steering bind.

For the top plates, they are caster adjustable with the help of a 1/2″ drive square hole directly in it to be able to pivot the top plate easily. You’ll need to drill a hole with a hole saw to allow clearance for the top of the shock.