FRS BRZ GT86 GR86 Adjustable traction arms

A completely bolt-on solution for adding pro-squat stability on your car.

From 475 $ CAD


An extremely simple yet proven rally design, this traction arms set is built out of a swedge tube with a rolled thread for added fatigue stress resistance. It is coupled with a chromoly double adjuster and rod end with a PTFE lining for longevity and a re-enforced fork at the knuckle junction.

We lowered the subframes traction arm connection by 50mm (2’’), with hight strength steel, with a double shear mount for the trailing arm that is independent from the subframe bolt.

The reason of this package was to reduce the anti-squat and move toward a more pro-squat geometry. Then we made the trailing arms as long as we could to reduce the toe gain curve as much as possible to so it became more lineaire.

With a reduce anti-squat and a more lineaire toe gain curve the car will be much more stable and less snappy under hard acceleration.