FRS BRZ GT86 GR86 Adjustable Front Lca

Full chromoly suspension arms, fully adjustable on both caster and camber. Truly a hardcore product.

From 1,252 $ CAD


100% chromoly LCA these arms are strong, 4140 billet bearing cup at the ball joint, premium USA 4130 for tubing and 4340 threaded adjuster. Double pinch point at the trailing arm junction are ensuring maximal strength in this critical place of the arms, it was also placed as close as possible to the ball joint pivot point to reduce stress and maximize strength.


  • Fully adjustable on the caster axis
  • Heavy duty 3/4” hight misalignment uniball balljoint
  • Heavy duty chromoly rod end spacers
  • Custom Heavy duty 4340 threaded adjuster 7/8-18L to 5/8-18
  • Graded hardware all around