FRS BRZ GT86 GR86 adjustable RLCA

Design for racing those arms are extremly strong and offers a big range a adjustment

From 754 $ CAD


Professionnaly tig welded, chromoly and hight strenght steel contruction, Threaded adjuster welded to a massive 1.25” diameter 4130 chromoly steel tube for extra rigidity.  It was coupled to a 4130 chromoly threaded adjuster and bearing. The suspension location point on the lca was precisely placed and reinforce to accept coilovers. Design for the track and street.


  • Heavy duty Chromoly 5/8” bearing with PTFE lining
  • Motion ratio djustalbe in 3 location
  • Strong 4130 5/8-18 threaded double adjuster
  • Strong 4130  tube design arm
  • Fully adjustable with a chromoly adjuster
  • Chromoly steel spacers
  • Powdercoated in house for better results