Hyundai Genesis Coupe Super Angle Kit

The most extreme angle kit for the genesis coupe. Fully adjustable and up to 70deg of angle.


From 2,290 $ CAD


The most complet angle kit on the market, brand new drop knuckle with adapted geometry, including rollcenter corrected and bumpsteer. New matching top plate, design with a heavy duty 19mm bearing that will give you the possibility to adjust the camber and caster with the help of a simple 1/2” drive ratchet . Over 70 degree of steering angle can be achieved. Stock wheel will work with this kit without any interference.

    • Drop spindle with corrected lateral rollcenter
    • Reduced caster trail, to help reduce steering load
    • Corrected and adjustable bumpsteer
    • Heavy duty adjustable top plate design to properly match this suspension kit
    • Sway bar friendly
    • Adjustable in both camber and caster, individually without removing any bolt
    • All adjustement can be made directly on the car
    • Ackerman adjustable in 11 position
    • Uniball design outer tie rod
    • Heavy duty uniball ball joint
    • Properly reinforeced
    • Structural cuttout design to eliminate as much weight as possible

Everything is adjustable without having to remove any bolt (beside for the ackerman setting, the outer tie rod bolt need to be removed) top plate is adjustable, both ends of the lca is independently adjustable, in camber and caster, with the help of a sliding hand on the front part of the arms and our easy to use TA-2 adjuster, toe and top plate can also be adjusted without out removing any bolt.