Rear coilover conversion arms Genesis 1st gen

Convert the rear end to coilover, sway bar friendly, heavy duty threaded adjuster with chromoly rod ends and spacers.

From 654 $ CAD


Professionnaly tig welded, chromoly and steel contruction, Threaded adjuster welded to a massive 1.25” diameter 4130 chromoly steel tube for extra streght and rigidity.  It was coupled to a 4340 chromoly threaded adjuster and rod end. The suspension location point on the lca was precisely placed and reinforce to accept coilovers. Design for the track and street. Genesis Coupe specific.


  • Heavy duty Chromoly rod end with PTFE lining
  • Strong 4340 7/8-18L to 5/8-18 threaded adjuster
  • Strong 4130  tube design arm
  • Fully adjustable with a chromoly adjuster
  • Chromoly steel adapter
  • Powdercoated in house for better results
  • Included with the 1st gen Genesis coupe rear kit with coilover conversion