VW Mk4 / Audi TT Tubular Subframe

Design for track but suitable for the street, this subframe was design out perform the stock unit and to be completely BOLT-ON and being extremely versatile. Light and strong. Lowering the roll center of your VW is one of the best upgrade to make to your car.

From 1,423 $ CAD


5 years want into developing this tubular subframe. Now we know that it is completely bolt on and compatible with most aftermarket parts, One this subframe you can start by keeping your suspension geometry the same as the stock unit but saving 25% of the weight and adding rigidity to the chassis, then by changing the placement of the LCA  on the subframe, correct the roll center by 1” or 25mm. It is also possible to correct the roll center and extend the width of the car by 0.75” on both side to add approximately 3deg of camber with stock vw lca.

By correcting the roll center you allow the suspension arms to be on a more upward plane or level with the ground, resulting in less body roll and the capacity to run softer springs on the track. This modification is extremely beneficial even with a stock suspension or with a car that was modified to be extremely low.

The rack and pinion is located at the stock emplacement. This way you get to keep the same clearance with your downpipe and surrounding parts. If you lower the roll center, you will affect the bump steer in a negative way. We do offer different approach to solve or help you tune the bump steer curve, see our Racekit package.


  • Impossibility to run stock mk4 arms but compatible with other aftermarket brand
  • Stiffer and lighter (25%) over stock unit
  • Compatible with stock transmission mount (dog bone)

The connection from the subframe to the chassis of your vw is made with a solid piece of billet chromoly 4140.  The subframe is fitted directly to the chassis, no bushing is required.

Tubing is first grade USA 4130 seamless chromoly.

New hardware is provided to complete the installation.