Race Kit tubular subframe

This kit offers you the strongest tubular subframe on the market and suspension arms (LCA) with the most adjustment. It is backed with 5 years of development, it is by our opinion the best way to lower the center of gravity and correct the bumpsteer, no modification is required, completely bolt-on.

Compatible ONLY with Audi TT mk1 and Vw R32 mk4 Knuckle

From 2,875 $ CAD


This package is completely bolt-on on all of the vw group PQ34 platform : 8L for Audi and 1J with Vw, both LHD and RHD.

The objective with this project was to correct the rollcenter and bring back the bumpsteer to a normal curve and cut on some weight, all of that with out breaking the bank. We tried most of the options including fabricating a brand new knuckle and a ball joint with longer stub. This is what came to be the most cost efficient way to do it :

  • A Subframe with multiple Lca positioning option, this will let you play with two possible rollcenter position and the possibility to extend de width of your track 5/8'' on each side. We've kept the rack and pinion at the stock location so you can maintain the same clearance with all the surrounding parts. It cut 25% off the weight of the stock unit.
  • Lower control arm : (stage3) for balljoint we are using a high misalignment 3/4'' uniball and taper. This LCA is fully adjustable in both camber (up to -3deg) and caster (beyond chassis capacity). Everything is secured with 2 pinch bolt at the junction of the trailing arm, meaning that it wont move on you no matter what. We came up with a threaded adjuster made out of 4340a with an outer thread of 7/8 18L and 5/8 18 inner for a full inch an a half of extension.
  • Steering kit : We came up with our own way of correcting the bumpsteer. Most people will simply convert there outer tie rod to a rod end but for good safety measure while adding stiffness, we have added a bracket that connect the tie rod to the ball joint, this kit will allow you to adjust the bumpsteer by simply modifying the supplied spacer if need been.



Tubular Subframe

5 years want into developing this part. It is compatible with most aftermarket parts. On this subframe, you can start by keeping your stock suspension geometry, then by changing the placement of the LCA  on the subframe, correct the roll center by 1'' or 25mm. It is also possible to correct the roll center and extend the width of the car by 5/8'' (16mm) on both side to add approximately 2deg of camber with stock vw lca. the same as the stock unit but saving 25% of the weight and adding rigidity to the chassis

By correcting the roll center you allow the suspension arms to be on a more upward plane or level with the ground, resulting in less body roll and the capacity to run softer springs on the track. This modification is extremely beneficial even with a stock suspension or with a car that was modified to be extremely low.

The rack and pinion is located at the stock emplacement. This way you get to keep the same clearance with your downpipe and surrounding parts. If you lower the roll center, you will affect the bump steer in a negative way. We do offer different approach to solve or help you tune the bump steer curve, but with this package you will get our steering kit

  • Partially compatible with stock mk4 Gti Lca
  • We already have made a variation of this subframe to suit a dq500 (don't hesitate to ask)


Steering Kit

  • This is how we have chosen to adjust the bumpsteer to match our subframe. This kit includes a bracket to connect the balljoint to the outer tie rod (for added stiffness and safety), and a rod end to replace the oem tie rod. With this package, you would be able, with some basic lathe work play with the bumpsteer, to match your suspension setup.
  • You can choose to not use these parts, but you will need to address bumpsteer, if desire, at the rack and pinon with spacers that we offer (Bumpsteer correction kit stg1)
  • Our stg3 LCA are mandatory to be able to run the steering kit.

Stage 3 Tubular control arms

100% chromoly LCA these arms are strong, 4140 billet bearing cup for the ball joint, premium USA 4130 tubing and 4340a threaded adjuster. Double pinch point at the trailling arm junction are ensuring maximal strength in this critical point of the arms, it was also placed as close as possible to the ball joint pivot point to reduce stress and maximize strength.

  • Mk4 R32 and MK1 TT  knuckle compatible only
  • Fully adjustable on the caster  and camber axis
  • Graded hardware all around
  • Camber up to -3 deg with Audi TT spindle
  • Heavy duty 3/4'' hight misalignment uniball
  • Custom Heavy duty 4340a threaded adjuster 7/8-18L to 5/8-18
  • Heat treated chromoly ball joint stud and hardware
  • Swaybar mount for vw mk4 optional