AE86 street style angle kit

A fully adjustable angle kit that was design for everyday use

From 1,852 $ CAD


Our AE86 Street Style angle kit which is an adjustable Tubular LCA that has a minimum length that is equal to the OEM LCA length and can be extended up to 2” with the adjustment range.

The Kit comes with a custom length outer tie rod according to the user’s desired extended LCA length(roughly). All the tubing is seamless chromoly and we use spherical bearings for the outer balljoint which offers the best strength to weight ratio and is cheaper to replace then rod ends

Also included in the kit is a steering knuckle with integrated adjustable bump stops (to adjust max angle) and adjustable Ackerman.

Everything is directly bolt on to the chassis with no modifications required.

We made this Street Style angle kit to offer a product that isn’t as extreme as our big AE86 angle kit. Even though our main products are focused on big angle kits rear grip kits, we understand the needs of everyone in the drifting world and wanted to offer a product that still gets plenty of angle to have countless hours of fun.