Corvette C5 C6 super angle kit

The best angle kit for the c5-c6 chassis currently on the market. 70 degree of angle, a must have for its ease of adjustement, simplicity and strenght.

From 2,670 $ CAD


Corvette C5 C6 super angle kit

Why is our kit better?

We put a lot of thought into every detail to offer the best kit ever for the best drift chassis ever.  It is PROFESSIONALLY TIG WELDED and includes a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship, so you won’t ever see a weld failure. We did our best to keep the amount of hardware and adjustment as little as possible to keep eveything sturdy and efficiente, the bolt check are extremely efficient and easy during drift day or competition.

To achieve 70 degrees of steering angle, beside the LCA, the biggest clearance issue was the Upper Control arms, and you won’t find any adjustment on our UCL! There was no actual need for it, and to achieve our goals… there is simply no physical place for them.  Moving the pivot point at the chassis wasn’t an option since it won’t distribute the load of the steering evenly on all 4 bolts of both mounts to the chassis. Our choice was simple, strong and reliable COM10T spherical bearing instead of rod ends.

We designed the Knuckle with 0 castor trail to allow for less caster and a better tire contact patch at greater steering angles, giving you stability and confidence. An extremely simple design that will let you fine tune the roll center and give you 1’’ (25mm) of bump steer adjustment and 11 different Ackermann settings for a more precise setup.  The 1” spindle drop built into the knuckle will help with the lateral roll center.

The LCA will give you 3 shock positions for the motion ration, and a more conventional type of coil over mount. The shox mount position was relocated to be in line with the top mount of the suspension, An extremely strong COM12T at the ball joint and 2 rod ends with PTFE lining offer strength and longevity at the chassis connection.  Engineered structural design for low weight and high rigidity. The control arms have undergone finite element analysis to optimise the stress distribution throughout the parts.  Caster and Camber adjustments can be done simultaneously or independently with our signature design. It allows the user to make caster and/or camber adjustments via the lower control arm without ever having to remove it from its mounting points. This makes alignments much easier. We have tested this design for several years now with great success. It’s simple, compact, strong, light, and easy to work with.

The outer tie rods are a custom design with a 4130 seamless tube to increase rigidity while keeping the weight down. This is meant to work with OEM inner tie rods.

  • Sturdy Upper control arms
  • Hight quality chromoly spherical bearing and rod ends with PTFE lining
  • The maximum steering angle possible
  • Ease of adjustment
  • Fine tuneable
  • Adjust both camber and castor without having to remove any bolt
  • Proper suspension placement and mounting
  • Minimised amount of hardware for added reliabillity and ease of adjustment
  • Recommmended wheel size would be 18×8.5, +12mm offset with 245/40R18 tires. You can also go with a more positive offset and adjust max angle with the bump stops to make sure the wheel doesn’t make contact with the suspension arms.
  • Swaybar compatible
  • retain stock inner tie tod
  • Recommended spring rates 18kg/mm

You will need coilovers, it is extremely important that they have spherical bearings on both upper and lower attachment points of the shock. Our kit comes with some spacers to fit directly into a spherical bearing on the lower end of the shock.