5th Gen Camaro super angle Kit gen5

A reliable 70deg of steering angle for 5th gen Camaro. All the angle and adjustability you will ever need.

From 2,254 $ CAD


This is the currently the most extreme angle kit for the 5th gen Camaro out there that offers the most steering angle while being easily adjustable and proven design on a 700hp LSA swapped camaro.

  1. 70 degrees of steering angle! No steering rack relocation is needed to achieve this angle!


  1. 25mm of roll center correction with the possibility of adjusting it with extra spacers.


  1. Adjustable Ackerman with our eccentric spacers included with the kit. By having a wide range of Ackerman adjustment, the driver can reduce or increase the Ackerman according to their driving style, engine output, grip, and racetrack to achieve the optimal setup.


  1. Adjustable bump steer. Minimizing bump steer will help with stability at high speed, so this is always a must and can be tuned by simply adding or removing spacers in the outer tie rod assembly. Note, changing the Ackerman setting will affect bump steer.


  1. The outer tie rods are a custom design with a tubular structure to increase rigidity while keeping the weight down. This is meant to work with OEM inner tie rods. Please specify if you have an electric or hydraulic steering rack.


  1. Caster and Camber adjustments can be done simultaneously or independently with our signature design threaded adjuster. This design allows the user to make caster and/or camber adjustments via the lower control arm without ever having to remove it from its mounting points. This makes alignments much easier to do weather it’s at the alignment shop or at the race track. We have tested this design for several years now with great success. It’s simple, compact, strong, light and easy to work with. Everything a driver wants when he/she is at the track.


  1. We use high quality rod ends and spherical bearings that can last years and yet be easily replace if needed at a lower cost than OEM style ball joints.


  1. The LCA was designed with structural optimization in mind and was tuned using finite element analysis to create a strong yet light structure that won’t bend during normal use and even the occasional mistakes sending you off the track. These arms are plenty strong but in the event of a crash, we designed them so that they would bend over the entire length to absorb as much energy as possible, thus, protecting your precious chassis.


  1. The nuts and bolts are all standard fine thread and easy to find.


  1. A sway bar mount option is available, it requires a skilled fabricator/mechanic since welding must be done to the OEM sway bar.