Designed to be fully adjustable, strong end light weight, it was inspired by Porsche and VW motorsport.  Made of 4130 chromoly.

From 995 $ CAD


Full Chromoly construction with tubing and raw stock from the USA, it was purely designed for the track but built for everyday drive, this Lca for your mk4 and Audi TT has all of our regular cool feature . It can be used with both the Vw mk4 and Audi TT ball joint and as the stock sway bar attachment.

The difference between our Stage1 and 2 is the ease of adjustment at the rod ends for the alignment. On our stage1 we have simply put threaded weld bungs to connect the LCA with the rod ends instead of our double threaded adjuster . On this Lca, you will be able without removing any bolt (simply loosen everything) to properly dial your camber and caster, our  adjusters will allow you to extend both rod end by 1.5” in, be careful not to over extend your drive axle.  These arms are not compatible with our Racekit package

There wasn’t a good enough double adjuster available on the market, so we came up with an extremely strong 4340A adjuster with a 7/8-18L outer thread and 5/8-18R for the rod end. This gives us a wall thickness that is double the industry standard, and the ability to extend each rod end by 1.5 (38mm). The LCA has a caster capacity beyond the chassis capacity and more camber than the axle can handle.

  • Heavy duty Chromoly rod end
  • American premium  4130, 1.25” (31mm) diameter Chromoly steel tubing
  • Fully adjustable on both camber and caster
  • Sturdy design at the junction of the trailing and main arms with two 1/2” graded bolts
  •  Zinc plated steel rod end spacer/reducer
  • In-house powder coating for a better result
  • Stubby weld bung at the rod ends for added strength and minimized long term stress on the weld
  • Proper support material around ball joint bearing cup
  • Compatible with stock swaybar link
  • Double threaded adjuster, and we extended each rod end by 1.5” (38mm)

For special needs, we can always adapt the product to your specs, let us know directly by email.

*LIFETIME WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMANSHIP… you won’t have a weld failure!