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Race Kit

Compatible ONLY with Audi TT mk1 and Vw R32 mk4 Knuckle

This kit offers you the strongest tubular subframe on the market and suspension arms (LCA) with the most adjustment. It is backed with 5 years of development, it is by our opinion the best way to adjust the roll center and correct the bump steer, no modification is required, completely bolt-on.




  • Chromoly subframe for a lower center of gravity
  • Chromoly suspension arms fully adjustable on both camber and caster (stage3), rebuildable heavy duty ball joint (com12t from FK) with heat threated 4130 pine and graded hardware
  • Bumpsteer correction kit includes mounting hardware, convert your stock outer tie rod to spherical rod end (FK) and adapter
  • No fire wall trimming is required
  • No chassis modification requiered
  • No engine spacer required

We lowered the center of gravity by rising the attachment point of the suspension arms by 1 inch (25mm). This modification allows the suspension arms to be more on an upward or level with the ground thus lowering the center of gravity, resulting in less body roll and the capacity to run softer springs on the track or simply removing the anti roll bar. To correct the bumpsteer  you will be replacing the outer tierod with a 5\8” Fk bearing rod end. The connection from the subframe to the chassis of your Audi is made with a solid piece of billet chromoly 4140, tubing is 4130 chromoly, no more need for bushing and new hardware is provided to complete the installation. With the newest design you will gain alote of stiffness and save about 25% of weight over the stock subframe.  Design to maintain the stock or aftermarket transmission mount (dogbone).