High strength steel frame with a lever made of streamline cromoly tubing for extrem stiffness and weight reduction.


From 305 $ CAD


HYDRAULIC E-BRAKE Forward Mount that has many unique features. : streamline 4130 tubing and IGUS bushing. Those 2 feature alone created a lever that is lighter and stronger then most cnc alloy conterparts out there. 

We’ve carefully combined through every detail of this product to provide the most compact, stable, comfortable, and simple solution for adding a hydro handbrake. Forward mount is for those who want the base and master cylinder portion of the Handbrake to go in front of the handle.

When we set out to design this handbrake, the main idea was simpicity stiffness and over all feel. This is why the lever is mounted to the housing with commercial grade polymere IGUS bushing. Now why bushings instead of a bearing, simply because it is alote lighter then a bearing, maintenance free, easier to replace and is reliable.

The Lever itself : made of Streamline cromoly tubing, extremly strong and stiff with a negligible weight, and a comfortable natural grip.

If you need a different size master cylindre other then 3/4” and 7/8” or if you would prefer a Tilton master cylindre choose the proper option and lets know at check out.