370z G37 Super Angle Kit

Extreme angle kit for your 370z G37 drift car.  All of the angle you could need.

From 2,793 $ CAD


Competition kit. We walk the thin line between strength and light weight.  Once you will have relocated the rack and pinion Z34 370Z Steering Rack relocation kit you will maximize the usable steering angle you can possibly have.

Starting at the top of the kit, the Upper Control Arm was made simple, seamless 4130 tubing mated to the chassis through strong, silent and reliable IGUS bushing that can last several seasons, maintenance free.  Some minor caster adjustment can be done aswell. The upper balljoint is a top quality hardened steel chromoly bearing.

  • Light chromoly tubing
  • Maintenance free setup
  • Bolt it and forget it type of design
  • Reliability, weight and strength
  • Caster adjustment built in

The knuckle was design to accommodate most wheel on the marker. It retains the manufacturer wheel bearing, and same brake mounting pattern. We strategically incorporated a brake line mount on both side of the knuckle, within the structure of the reinforcement plates.

  • 1’’ drop knuckle, to correct the rollcenter
  • 9 ackerman position setting, for precise handling
  • Supplied with hardware for the hub
  • Brand new taper pin design for the balljoint, won’t loosen up, stiffer and over all stronger
  • Wheel clearance


Lower control arm, New and stronger design since 2023 which increases stiffness while keeping as much wheel clearance as before. The same 70deg of steering angle can be achieved.  A simple suspension mount with 3 positions to allow for motion ratio adjustment.

  • New ball joint design, COM12T bearing with a taper pine and proper high strength bolt and nut
  • Rigid design
  • Adjustable in both camber and caster directly on car, no dismantle required