Z32 300ZX Super angle kit

The ultimate super angle kit for your 300ZX

From 2,837 $ CAD


Brand NEW product drop!

We used the same LCA as the one in our S13 angle kit, but with a Z32-style shock mount. The knuckle design is similar to the one used in our 350z/370z kits. We also used a 350z front hub. Don’t worry, the factory caliper mounts of the 300zx will be the same in relation to the hub flange, so whatever caliper and disc setup you have now will be perfectly bolted on our knuckle.

*You will need adjustable coilovers, and the steering rack will have to be relocated as forwards as possible to unlock all of the available angle (see our s-chassis rack and pinion relocation brace). The upper control arm is a light and extremely  strong laser cut plate with integrated camber adjustment, which can be done without having to remove any bolts!

Connecting the UCA to the chassis is done with the use of IGUS bushing that make it a very light, stiff and durable setup. The rest of the kit features our usual key design specs, such as:

  • Adjustability: Ackermann adjustments, Bump stop adjustments, Integrated camber and caster adjustment at both ends of the knuckle.
  • Chromoly tubing outer tie rod
  • A WHOLE 70 degrees of angle
  • Proper stress impact distribution throught the parts
  • Brand new hardware all around
  • Drop Knuckle geometry with corrected roll center and matching bumpsteer