S-Chassis Super Angle kit

Extreme angle kit for your S-chassis, it is capable of 75deg of steering angle. Strerdy and light, upgraded to a z33 hub. The kit with the most adjustement.

From 2,171 $ CAD


1 75 degrees of steering angle! The steering rack will need to be relocated about 19 to 22mm forward to achieve this without having rediculous offset wheels. Our previous version reached 71 degrees whichs was already insane, for this version we realised that we could push the limits just a bit more by re-designing the LCA to have more clearence. any more angle than this will create steering rack bind, and to prevent this from happening we welded a rigid bump stop that is adjustable with a different stack up of washers.
2 completely re-designed suspension geometry to optimise grip and steering feedback for drifting
3 48mm of roll center correction with the possibility of adjusting it with extra spacers (upon request)
4 adjustable ackerman. By having a wide range of ackerman adjustment, the driver can reduce or increase the ackerman according to their driving style, engine output, grip, and racetrack to achieve the optimal setup. Typically, 5 to 8 degrees of positive ackerman at full lock is desired, but if the car still crabwalks too much, more positive ackerman can be added.
5 adjustable caster trail. One of the downsides of having too much negative caster trail is that it can result in steering wheel shaking. By having the ability to slightly increase the caster trail, this effect can be eliminated if necessary.
6 adjustable bump steer. Minimizing bump steer will help with stabiliy at high speed, so this is always a must and can be tuned by simply adding or removing spacers in the outer tie rod assembly. Note, changing the ackerman setting will affect bump steer
7 the steering knuckle uses a z33 front wheel bearing hub as we were the first to have this idea for an S chassis steering knuckle in 2014. This concept allows us to optimise the structural rigidity of the steering knuckly while keeping it simple and it`s easy to buy them new at your local autoparts store. We also designed this knuckle with single shear mounts for the tie rods and balljoints because they are plenty strong, it makes it very easy to adjust lateral roll center and bumpersteer, and in the even of crash, they can bend and easy to replace.
8 the outer tie rods are a custom design with a tubular structure to increase rigidity while keeping the weight down. This is meant to work with S14 OEM inner tie rods. No inner tie rod spacers are needed for this setup.
9 Caster and Camber adjustement can be done simultaneously or indepently with our signature design threaded adjuster. This design allows the user to make caster and/or camber adjustement via the lower control arm without ever having to remove it from its mounting points. This makes alignement very enjoyable and easy to work with. we have tested this design for several years now with great success. It’s simple, compact, strong, light and easy to work with. everything a driver wants when he/she is at the track.
10 we use high quality chromoly rod ends and spherical bearings that can last years and yet be easily replace if needed.
11 the LCA was designed with structural optimization in mind and was tuned using finite element analysis to create a strong yet light structure that wont bend during normal use and even the occasional “oh shit” moment when you make a mistake and go off the track. These arms are plenty strong but in the event of a crash, we desinged them so that they would bend over the entire length to absorb as much energy as possible, thus, protecting your precious  S chassis.
12 The nuts and bolts are all standard fine thread and easy to find.
13 it looks really sexy