Mazda FD3S RX7 Angle kit

Angle kit for your Mazda RX7 FD with 65 deg of steering angle,  sturdy Gen1 Hyundai Genesis wheel bearing hub. fully adjustable.

From 2,535 $ CAD


This kit isn't has agressive as we usually make them, with only 65degree of steering angle, simply because we wanted to keep the wheels within the wheel well.


  • 11 positions ackerman setting
  • Light weight tubular seamless chromoly tubing UCA
  • IGUS bushing for maximum stiffness and reliability
  • Camber is adjustable at the jonction of the UCA and knuckle and at LCA rod ends with the help of our TA-2 adjuster
  •  Strong one piece LCA design with engineered cut outs. Nothing is random
  • On the car camber and caster adjustment
  • Supplied with a new and strong uniball ball design outer tie rod
  • Heavy duty uniball  balljoint
  • Single sheer design, this allows for an infite range of bumpsteer and roll center adjustment.
  • 1st gen Hyundai Genesis hub, simple, ease of use and extremly strong

This kit is extremly simple and strong, with our usual ease of adjustment.